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Healthcare ICT business

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Due to the aging of the population and increase in the interests in health, people have come to pay more and more attention to their own healthcares. However, medical expense has been inflated to the uncontrollable level due to the elongation of life spans and advancements of medical technologies. Therefore, the prevention of diseases is one of the most important themes not only for each citizen but also for the whole nation.
StaGen Co. LTD promotes a healthcare project using smart phones carried by most of the people. We have developed a convenient system to incorporate individual clinical laboratory data into the smart phones safely, and propose the users to normalize them efficiently. Concerning this system, we applied two useful patents and have started a real business. This system is quite useful for the prevention of diseases. However, it is also useful for patients with such diseases as life-style related diseases for whom changes of life-styles are beneficial, and patients with cancers who had better monitor cancer markers serially.
Healthcare using smart phones is the area where much progress is expected in the future. StaGen Co. LTD promotes the healthcare ICT business by full use of the distinguished abilities in informatics and statistics.
StaGen has applied 4 patents related to healthcare ICT business of which two are related to the use of individual genomic data.